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There’s no better way of exploring a wonderful part of the world than by feeling its earth under your feet, its slopes in your legs, its sun on your skin and the prospect of its gastronomy at the end of your day.

Highly personal, expertly informed, the essence of Walking with Param is an experience shared. These trips will bring a small group of walking and travel enthusiasts to some of Param's favourite walking trails. Open to all with their own stories to tell.

Walk with Param

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Walk with Param

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Walk with Param - Via Francigena Tuscany Trail

Good to know

our walking style

Our walking style is not about trekking unfenced mountains or an adventure race. It’s more trail walking at a simple, everyday human speed needing endurance for long distances. Travelling to experience and absorb as much of what we pass through as possible.

The length of our walking holidays is constrained by work/life commitments and most are planned 6 - 8 Days only.

Walking Tours are designed for a small group of 6 – 12 walkers departing on specific dates.

Walking with you will be an experienced host. Host may be discovering this particular walk with you, or he/she may be returning for the umpteenth time. Host will make sure everything runs smoothly for the group.

There may be local experienced guides/team involve at times offering the inside knowledge that allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and provide assistance, support and guidance throughout your journey.

We use premium accommodation options, dedicated support vehicle to transport luggage safely, many local food and wine experiences will be included.

walk host - param

Param has done Road Trips from Morocco to Australia, Hiking in Indian Himalayas to exploring European cities.

But over the years he realised, Walking is his favourite thing be it a long coastal walk, a country side or walking through the neighbourhoods of a big city.

So walk with Param, as we explore places you may or may not know, taking the slow way around the world and stopping to breathe it all in.

why walk

You can walk to experience the sheer beauty of the land. Or walk to take time out to reflect on your life or to help you find direction at a “fork in the road.” Some may walk to immerse themselves in the food, wine and culture. Many walk as an expression of their spirituality, and to feel more in touch with nature and the world we live in. And sometimes, you walk just to get away from it all! Whatever your motivation, you are welcome to walk with us

Come Home Fitter. It’s not just for your physical health, but mental too. A whole lot of space opens up when you start to walk.

Make friends for life. Walking holidays allow you lots of time for talking and catching up on life, work and stories.

Time out. Walking takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life and get a chance to truly get away from it all during walking day

Walk as you like. From ancient pilgrim trails to winding coastal cliff paths to alpine paradise and Mediterranean landscape.

Slow and Sustainable. Enjoying things at your own pace in small group, walking offbeat and promoting local food and culture.

Enjoy the trail. When you walk though, it’s not just getting there, it’s actually getting to see and experience every single place you go through.

Celebrate Life. It could be few kilometres, it could be hundreds, finishing it is a glorious feeling of accomplishment. You can indulge every evening knowing next day you can work off the food and wine!


Frequent Questions

Q: Why to Join Walk with Param
A:  Each tour is organised by Param himself. Each Tour is hosted by Param personally and supported by local specialists. As experienced traveller himself and as someone who have planned travel for thousands of travellers, we know what we are doing.
Q: Is there anyone who should not go on these tour?
A:  Our travel style attracts a similar type of people, outgoing, interesting, adventurous, cultured and curious. Our tours are designed for experienced and physically fit travellers.
Q: How many travellers will be on the tour?
A:  There is minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 travellers in a group. The groups are small for better dynamics both operationally and in experience.
Q: How to prepare for the walking tour?
A:  We do talk to you about your idea of joining such tour and current fitness level. we do recommend certain physical training before the travel. it will be part of your booking process.
Q: What kind of food will we eat?
A:  Local gastronomy is big part of any culture and local experience and very important part of our journeys. We are foodies, we love to savour the authentic flavours of each destination we visit. We use mostly local establishment for authentic food and drinks. Food will reflect local culture and tradition. Though certain dietary restrictions can be managed. but a specific type of food will not be possible. On our small group tours we use a combination of gourmet restaurants, local trattorias, traditional pubs, tapas bars and farmhouse meals, to give you the best overall experience!
Q: How is accommodation planned?
A:  We believe that where you stay at night is an important part of your overall travel experience. So we put a lot of effort into carefully choosing the hotels for each tour. our priority is also to find the best possible accommodations and ensure that each night of your journey finds you comfortably settled in a place that is welcoming and full of authentic local charm.